Bridge International Academies

Profile: edu-business Pearson


The world’s biggest educational company.

Pearson is also a large investor in edtech and in controversial for-profit school chain, Bridge International Academies.

What it does

There's not much that Pearson doesn't do in schools. It trains teachers, provides education content (increasingly online), testing and grading, school improvement services – you name it, it earns money from it.


Pearson has cultivated close relationships with the UK and other governments.

The UK government and Pearson have a number of mutual interests and, more broadly, both are concerned with growing the market for educational products and services around the world.  

The UK government's International Education Strategy was launched from Pearson's London office in 2013.


Pearson has funded a large number of third party lobby groups in the UK, including: free market think tanks, such as Policy Exchange and Reform, and education reform groups like Nesta and RSA. It is also a prolific sponsor of education reform networks and conferences.  

What it says

'The future of learning is digital, personal and driven by data – and that it’s pretty much here already. We believe learning happens anywhere and everywhere, so we can’t focus all our efforts on the classroom. We believe literacy today is as much about code as it is learning to read and write.'.

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