Profile: Investors GSV Capital


US venture capital fund that invests in edtech firms, including Knewton, Coursera and General Assembly.

(GSV stands for Global Silicon Valley).

What it does

Lobbies for the increased use of technology in teaching and learning.


Two reports – one by GSV founder Terry Moe, the other by Moe's previous company – provide real insight into the push for more commercial edtech in schools.

They detail the investment opportunity; outline lobbying and PR strategies for the education reform lobby; and clarify the central role that standardised testing and the'accountability' agenda play in growing the education technology industry.


Co-hosts of the ASU + GSV Education Technology Summit, a must-attend on the edtech circuit.

What it says

'It should not be lost on us that revolutions are actually a fairly common occurrence in modern society. The most recent prominent example is the “Arab Spring”, but since 1900, there have been over 250 governments overturned by revolutionary action... The revolution America needs today is not against an oppressive monarchy, but rather against an educational system that has equally oppressive effects. Fortunately, we have the arms and technology to fight this war.’ (Michael Moe's 'Battle Strategies' in American Revolution 2.0: a blueprint for radical reform of America's education system', published 2012).

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